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For more than two decades books and reading have always been at the heart of al Mada Foundation’s cultural interests. al Mada Foundation has always been interested in the book writing, promotion, and marketing and has managed in a short time to have a remarkable influence in this field.
al Mada Foundation has relied on a number of activities to reflect its interest in the world of books such as the International Book Fair, a series of bookstores, The Book For Everybody project, and al Mada Book For Everybody annual campaign. Furthermore, al Mada Foundation holds periodical book fairs at the Iraqi universities, colleges, and institutes as part of Reading For Everybody festival.

al Mada bookstores are scattered in the capital, Baghdad, and a number of other Iraqi cities, in addition to a number of Arab capitals.
These bookstores are:
  • al Sadoon Street Bookstore
  • It includes the various publications of al Mada and other Arab and foreign publications.
Baghdad – al Tahrir Square – al Sadoon St.
  • The Scientific Bookstore
It is specialized in selling books in other languages, other than Arabic, in different fields thatcover the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Baghdad – al Sadoon Street – near the gas station
  • al Mutanabi Street Bookstore
It is part of al Mada House of Culture that includes al Mada latest publications and other Arab and foreign publishing houses.
Baghdad – al Mutanabi Street – above al Shabander coffee house
  • Bait al Qushla Bookstore
This bookstore is located in the historic building of the government complex overlooking the River Tigris.
al Qushla – behind al Mutanabi Street – near Bait al Hikma
  • Erbil Bookstore
It includes al Mada publications and other publishing houses.
Erbil – Brighty Street
Tel. +964 7701776490
  • Damascus Bookstore
It is a branch in the Syrian capital that includes al Mada publications and other Arab international publishing houses.
Tel. +963 112322276 / +963 11232227
  • Beirut Bookstore
It includes the latest publications of al Mada, Lebanese, Arab, and international publishing houses.
Beirut – al Hamra – Lyon Street – Mansour Building – First floor
Tel. + 961 1752617 / + 961 1752616
  • Cairo Bookstore
It includes al Mada publicaitons of al Mada , Egyptian, Arab, and international publishing houses.
Cairo – Talat Harb Street – Across from Rish Café
Exhibitions / Fairs
  • Erbil International Book Fair
It is one of the biggest book exhibitions in Iraq and the Arab world. It embarked on in 2005 and is held every year at the beginning of April. It lasts for ten days. More than 250 local, Arab, and international publishing houses participate in it. Its wings contain hundreds of thousands of book titles. In addition, many cultural seminars, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and musical performances are held on the days of the fair. The exhibition is considered a good chance for people from all over Iraq and prominent intellects from the Arab countries to exchange views and thoughts and attend book signing ceremonies.
  • Other exhibitions
al Mada Foundation holds many other book exhibitions in cooperation with a number of Iraqi ministries, establishments, and universities where many of al Mada publications and the publications of other publishing houses are displayed.
The Book For Everybody Series
This is a series of free books distributed with a number of Iraqi and Arab newspapers, like Cairo – Egypt, al Safeer – Lebanon, al Hayat – Saudi Arabia, al Ayyam – Bahrain, al Bayan – UAE, al – Thawra – Syria, al Qabas – Kuwait, al Mada and al Etihad – Iraq.
al Mada commenced this initiative more than two decades ago. This initiative consecrates its belief that the book has a never-fading value with time. Because those books may not have reached the reader in the past, al Mada is reproducing those books aiming at disseminating knowledge, facilitating its means, and enabling the reader to reach fountains of thoughts that have influenced the international culture at the lowest cost possible.
al Mada has taken into consideration having a bookstore open to all fields of human knowledge where books are not a burden on the reader.
al Mada Book for Everybody Campaign
It is an initiative launched by al Mada to encourage the youth to read and to deepen the roots of reading in the society. According to this campaign al Mada bookstores give a discount of 50% on al Mada publications and 30% on other publishing houses’ publications. This is an annual event during the summer holiday.
Almada bookstores
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +964 771 303 5555
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