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Each establishment that wishes to take part in the book fair, please fill the form with clear and specific way, to be sent to the organizing committee through the fair’s website no later than 1 March 2020.

Participation, either direct or through Authorizing other entities following the specifying forms to it.

All participating publishers have to send a list of their releases through 2019 to the committee for censorship.

All Clients seeking Authorizing to other entities please follow the specialized forms in no later than 1 March which is available in both Arabic and English languages.

Each establishment that wishes to take part in the book fair can transfer the fees on their stands according to the rates and spaces, equal to their values, provided that the leased space shall not be less than 12 square meters, at a rate of $100 per square meter.


First: Services provided for each 12 m space.

-    Shelves: 4

-    Table: 1

-    Projector: 3

-    Wireless Internet.

-    Waste paper basket.

-    Publisher’s signboard


Second: Services provided by the administration of the fair to the publishers

-    Information desk

-    Cafeteria and buffet during working hours.

-    Multipurpose rooms for seminars and book signing ceremonies

-    The fair opens at 10am to 10pm

-    The organizing company will facilitate hotel bookings in Erbil